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Teaching Philosophy

       As an instructor in charge of facilitating learning, my ultimate objective is to design a class that challenges students, promotes positivity, cultivates a safe and inviting environment, and welcomes artistic individuality. My class promotes these ideas through subject matter designed to reach a multitude of learning styles. Discussion is invited, as I not only want to teach, but also hope to learn from my students. I look to them for areas they wish to work on, as well as pinpointing specific ways I am able to aid them in their own personal growth. 

       Taught through a variety of methods, these exercises approach technique from a multitude of lenses. Exercises involving partnering, mirroring, shapes and patterns, and rhythm/dynamics are present in the class structure in order to reach different types of learners. The technical exercises taught in each class find a balance between strengthening and lengthening the muscles of the students in order to reach any and all  body types, from the flexible ectomorph, to the strong mesomorph. I also believe in utilizing intensive cardio vascular exercises regularly in order to increase the dancers’ stamina and muscular endurance.

       My goal is for the students to acquire a greater understanding of skills prevalent to all techniques such as yielding and initiating movement from the

"Individualism in Duality" created in 2017

breath. These skills are built into every exercise in the class and present themselves in a variety of ways to ensure diversity within the class structure, as well as reaching all types of students. I make sure to include historical context and references throughout the class in order to provide the students with a deeper understanding of the origins of the movement. I personally believe that having the knowledge and understanding of choreographers and the rationale behind the techniques taught, will instill maturity and a greater depth to the artistic voice of the students. Proper anatomical knowledge is also a pivotal aspect to any dance class, and I aim to teach in a way that is holistic, appropriate, and safe for the students’ bodies. I believe that students deserve the right to make informed choices about what their bodies can and can’t handle. Because of this, my goal is to provide classes that teach them about anatomical alignment as well as movement efficiency. This way the students have a greater understanding of the movement mechanics and can work in a safe and efficient way.

       While I may teach a wide variety of techniques, the underlying principles of each of my classes remain the same. Ultimately, I hope to inspire others to find their passion for dance. My goal is to assist any student who enters my class in finding their own creative voice, and allowing them to communicate and share their ideas freely.

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